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How Cannabis Oil Cures Pancreatic Cancer?

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In August 2013, Wallace "Buddy" Rose was told he had a tumor on his pancreas, and a CT scan showed his pancreas ("amazing"). The cancer is stage I. So Wallace's doctor said the surgery could save him, but he needed to see an oncologist for a referral to a surgeon. During a meeting with an oncologist, Wallace was told surgically removing the tumor could save his life. However, Wallace had no insurance and could not afford the surgery. It took him six weeks to raise the money, before surgery was scheduled for November 4, 2013.


During the operation, doctors observed that a pancreatic tumor had passed through Wallace's pancreatic wall and attached to his stomach and spleen. He has many tumors in his liver and a spot in his kidney. The surgery stopped there, and Wallace was officially diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. The doctor said there was no other way. On December 18, it was confirmed that the cancer had metastasized throughout his body; Wallace was told he could start to decline within three weeks and could starve to death within a month. He was explicitly told he was incurable, but chemotherapy could prevent the cancer from spreading further and extend his life by six to eight months. The panel below shows Wallace's CA 19-9 score increasing in the months following his diagnosis.

On December 26, 2013, Wallace started using the chemotherapy drugs gemcitabine and Abraxane. That day, his CA 19-9 score was determined to be 5006.8. Shortly before that, Wallace threw a "say goodbye" party. During the event, one of his relatives put some cannabis oil in his wife Cathy's Christmas stockings.

Wallace was initially skeptical of cannabis oil, seeing it as propaganda to support the legalization movement. With the prognosis so bad, he realized he had nothing to lose, so he started taking two to three grams of cannabis oil a day (a particularly high dose). He didn't know what to expect and wanted a doctor's advice. Thankfully, he found Dr. Kathleen Smith who helped him get his medical marijuana license.

Wallace ingested cannabis oil in the last days of December and every day of January. He didn't believe in the drug until scans in February showed a significant reduction in the number of cancer cells.

The combination of marijuana and chemotherapy nearly eliminated Wallace's cancer. Tumors in his liver, spleen, stomach lining and kidneys all disappeared. Only a small portion of the original pancreatic tumor is left. On March 30, 2014, his CA 19-9 was 42; normal is 35. Wallace said he intends to continue using cannabis oil and get back to work. On May 28, 2014, a CT scan showed no cancer and a normal cancer cell count.

The authors spoke with Wallace a few months after he was free of cancer. Among other things, he said he has given out maintenance doses of cannabis oil to those in more emergency situations. Apparently, as a result of this noble decision, the cancer returned. Sadly, Wallace was unable to restart his previous treatment regimen. Wallace died in February 2015, his son reported to the author. Hopefully his experience will encourage clinical trials, as well as other pancreatic cancer patients, to use cannabis extract.

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