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Pancreatic cancer survival is 3 times! The key to success is the cannabin combination therapy?

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Pancreatic Cancer is not only one of the most deadly categories of the world, but the cancer studies have not developed effective treatment for many years. In the past 40 years, the patient's 5-year survival rate is still around 5%, ranging from the lowest end in all cancer species. The existing standard chemotherapy drugs Gemcitabine can only extend the life of the patient several weeks. However, this dilemma faced by the patient is expected to be improved. Recent research on the "Natural" publishing group "INCOGENE" journal in the "Natural" Publishing Group, the researchers of the University of Mary, the University of Mary, extended by 3 times the survival of pancreatic cancer. Let's take a look at how they have achieved this major breakthrough.

In this study, researchers hoped to find new targets for treating pancreatic cancer, and they put their attention on a G protein coupled receptor called GPR55. Previous scientific studies have shown that GPR55 may play a key role in a variety of cancers, but no one has directly examined the effects of inhibiting GPR55 on the survival rate of cancer.

In order to verify the effects of GPR55 on pancreatic cancer, the researchers first used genetics to knock in mice in mice. They found that in the mouse model of GPR55 gene lacking pancreatic cancer mice, the average survival of mice prolonged 32.5 days, which means that GPR55 plays an important role in proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells.

After verifying the importance of GPR55 with genetics, researchers stepping to find drugs capable of inhibiting GPR55. In the cell culture experiment, they found two GPR55 inhibitors (cannabinol and CID16020046) to significantly inhibit the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.

After verifying the GPR55 inhibitor, the researchers decided to test the efficacy of cannabis phenol in the body in the mouse pancreatic cancer model. They will be divided into three groups of mice carrying pancreatic cancer tumors, a group of treatments that accept gemcitabine, a group of treatment of cannabis phenol, the third group accepts the combination therapy of gemcitabine and cannabinols.

▲ Cannabis dipheol can improve the effect of standard therapy (picture source: "oncogene")

The experimental results show that the average survival of mice receiving a patient with cannabis is 25.4 days, and the average survival of the mice that accepts a single therapy in Gemcissit is 27.8 days, and the effect is very similar. However, when mice received combination of gemcitabine and cannabinol, researchers have got unexpected surprises: the average survival period of mice reached 52.7 days, almost three times the control group (18.6 days)!

So what is the reason for the combination of cannabinol and Gemthorn?

Further research on pancreatic cancer cell signaling pathway has found that when tumor cells are treated with gemcita, they produce resistance to this drug through multiple signal pathways. The production of drug resistance is one of the important reasons for the refractory of pancreatic cancer, and cannabin phenols can inhibit the resistance of resistance to pancreatic cancer cells, thereby further strengthening the efficacy of Gessabine.

Seeing the two words in cannabis in cannabis in cannabis, some readers may worry about its side effects. After all, we usually link marijuana with the aigent and drugs. In fact, marijuana includes a variety of ingredients, of which cannabis pellets do not have a drug-related psychic effect, but it has been clinically used for diseases such as anxiety and multiple sclerosis.

▲ The US FDA has approved the first new drug with cannabis active ingredients in June this year (Source: FDA official screenshot)

"Cannabis dipheol has been approved in clinical use, which means that we can quickly test its efficacy in human clinical trials," Dr. Falasca, the head of this study said: "If we can repeat it in human clinical trials The efficacy in animal experiments, cannabis dipheral can be used immediately in cancer treatment without waiting for the new drug approval of regulatory agencies. "

This study also shows that other drugs inhibiting GPR55 may also form an effective therapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer with chemotherapy. We expect researchers to further promote the clinical development of GPR55 targeted drugs, which will change new drugs in patients with pancreatic cancer in their hands soon.


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