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Can marijuana fight cancer? Cannabis (CBD) improves the accuracy of chemotherapy and is expected to achieve painless sensing chemotherapy

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A new technology from Israel to improve chemotherapy uses cannabis diol to open a channel for cancer cells for chemotherapy drugs, which is of great significance to patients and means that the chemotherapy process will become gentle.

Professor Alexander Binshtok from Hebrew University

The head of the Pain Plastic Research Team of Pain Plasticity Research, the research team of Professor Alexander Binshtok, a research team led by the head of Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Cells avoid drug attacks and reduce the damage to patients' health.

Doctors can use this method to reduce the chemotherapy dose of patients, thereby reducing unpleasant side effects, and improving the accuracy and overall prognosis.

Binshtok explained: "Most anti -cancer treatment does not have enough targetedness and accuracy. While drugs try to remove malignant cells, healthy cells will also be attacked. This has led to many serious side effects related to chemotherapy. Cancer cells without harming healthy cells are an important step to reduce patient pain. "

Binshtok and his team described in the magazine of "Frontiers in Pharmacology" ("Pharmacological Frontier"). Channel in the liver cancer cell membrane.

Subsequently, they directly injected cancer cells through the catheterinininicillin.

Figure TRPV2 protein is activated

Researchers found that the death of cellin -mediated cells was significantly more effective. When used at the same time as CBD, only a relatively low dose was needed.

Binshtok concluded: "We hope this study will lay the foundation for the development of a new, more targeted chemotherapy method, which will greatly reduce patients' pain and health for ourselves."

参与研究的有希伯来大学的Hagit Neumann-Raziel、Asaf Shilo、Shaya Lev、Maxim Mogilevsky、Ben Katz、David Shneor、Yoav D. Shaul、Alberto Gabizon、Rotem Karni和Alik Honigman,以及德国汉诺威医学院的Andreas Leffler Essence

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