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The latest study of the University of Waterloo in Canada: Medical cannabis can resist new coronary virus!

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Following January scientists in Oregon State University through a marijuana compound determined by a chemical screening technology invented by the university, which can prevent viruses that cause COVID-19 to enter human cells (scientists have confirmed that cannabis in marijuana can prevent new coronary viruses from entering humans into human beings Cell), a prestigious Canadian school stands up to bless this evidence.

The latest research on the University of Waterloo shows that synthetic cannibidiol (CBD, commonly known as medical cannabis) may provide protection for viruses such as COVID-19. In a recent study using human kidney cells, researchers found that pure drug-grade CBDs can protect cells from further infection of COVID-19.

Picture source: CTV

According to CTV virus, Professor Robin Duncan, a professor and chief researcher at the University of Waterloo University, said that human cells usually start the immune recognition process immediately when they encounter viruses. Cell identification virus and respond to them. When the cells do better, the virus will die. As a result, the virus was cleared, and you may not even know that you were infected.

According to Duncan, what we see in a specific COVID-19 protein is that human cells have hardly noticed the existence of the virus, so that the virus continues to infect other cells. But when researchers at Wisconsin University will When CBD is added to human kidney cells, they respond to more and faster immune recognition to COVID-19, which indicates that cells have recognition ability.

Robin Duncan (Robin Duncan) Source: uwaterloo.ca

Maria Fernandes, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington, added that when I saw my first data result, I shouted "My God". We are glad to see that the human immune system is activated by CBD and allows cells to protect ourselves from virus infections.

In addition, Duncan pointed out that her team added CBD to the cells that have not been exposed to COVID-19, and CBD seems to have "started" the cellular immune response and does not cause cell death. We see that cells' preparation of virus invasion has improved, which is very exciting for us. This study can not only be used to prevent COVID, but also for other potential virus infections.

However, Duncan also emphasized that this is not a way to cure COVID-19, and has not yet studied the human body.

According to scientists in Oregon State University, a marijuana compound determined by a chemical screening technology invented by the university, it can prevent viruses that cause COVID-19 to enter human cells. The research results led by Richard Van Breemen, a researcher at the Global Cannabis Innovation Center, the School of Pharmacy and the Leonas-Bowling Institute of Oregon University, published on January 10, 2022 in the "Natural Product Magazine".

Researchers have found that a pair of marijuana acid is combined with SARS-COV-2 spiny protein to block a key step in the process of the virus used to infection. These compounds are naogenol acid (CBGA) and marijuana dilate acid (CBDA), while spiny protein is the same drug target used in Covid-19 vaccine and antibody therapy.

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