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New potential of marijuana: Scientists separate effective pain relief ingredients Cannflavin A and B

A new study of the University of the University of Guell University, it was found that cannabis energy produced an effective analgesic factor, the pain relief effect of this factor was 30 times the aspirin. The researchers pointed out that this discovery opened a potential of effective analgesic therapy with natural sources, which does not allow patients to rely on drugs and addictive risk compared to other painkillers. At present, the research team has cooperated in ANAHIT International, Toronto, plans to promote this new discoveries in the field of medicine and sports.



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Natural pain relief ingredients - Cannflavin A and Cannflavinb

Tariq Akhtar, a professor of molecular cell biology, said that it is clear that there is a need to develop other drugs to alleviate acute and chronic pain, and these molecules must be non-spiritual, and they can target inflammation from the source. Angeleptic pain. The researchers determined how marijuana is naturally generated by biocology and genomic, and can naturally generate target key factors - cannflavina and cannflavin b).

In fact, these two flavonoid compounds were not for the first time. As early as 1985, they have been investigated to have anti-inflammatory effects, and anti-inflammatory effects is nearly 30 times higher than the acetyl salicylic acid (sold in aspirin). However, further research on these molecules decades has been stagnant, and part of these reasons are strict supervision of marijuana research. However, as can recent legalization in Canada, as well as the rapid development of genomics, AkHTAR decided to analyze cannabis to understand how cannabis raw materials synthesize such an algeneous pain (sigra).

Tariq Akhtar said the goal of this study is to better understand how these molecules are formed, which seems to be a relatively simple issue today. There are many publicly available sequencing genome, including marijuana genome, which can be obtained from it. After the genomic information is in hand, researchers apply classic biochemical techniques to verify which marijuana gene can be used to prepare cannabis flavonoids A and B. It is reported that all results have been published in the latest "phytochemistry" journals.

New pain relief factor

At present, chronic pain patients typically require opioids. The mechanism of action of this drug is to play an algeneration by blocking the pain receptors of the brain, but this often has obvious side effects and depends on drugs. Cannabis in cannabis can reduce pain hurt through a different approach, reducing inflammatory response, which provides new opportunities for natural health products.

However, there is a problem to consider that cannabis flavonoids A and B in marijuana are extremely low, and if they rely on cannabis plant extraction to acquire these ingredients. Researchers are currently working on biological systems to prepare these active factors, which will create a lot of opportunities for cannabis flavonoids.

At present, the research team has worked with an ANAHIT international company in Toronto, which has obtained the patent of the University of Guelf, can synthesize cannabis flavonoids A and B. By cooperating, both parties hope to provide an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the development of safety and effective painkillers.

It is revealed that ANAHIT will achieve commercialization of cannabis flavonoids A and B through a variety of ways, including various medical and sports products such as creams, pills, sports beverages, transdermal patches and other innovative options.

It is undeniable that hemps have occupied C-bit roles in mitigation treatment, which benefits from the persistent attention to CBD in all sectors. The CBD is claimed to have a series of benefits of treating migraine, epilepsy, alleviating anxiety and preventing cancer, and can even be used as a reinforcing agent for other pharmaceutical effects. This new study adds new content to the application potential of marijuana in the anneal industries.

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