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The 28-Year-Old Using Cannabis Oil For Cancer - RSO Cancer Free

Despite being given 30 days to live, this 28-year-old Californian is still fighting nearly a year later, thanks to medcinal cannabis.

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On August 17th, 2018, Easton Nash had his first seizure at 27 years old.

After waking up in the hospital, Easton saw a doctor standing over him, who informed him that he had been diagnosed with Grade 3 inoperable Anaplastic Astrocytoma Brain cancer and that he must "start treatment immediately."
Treatment, in this case, amounted to 6 weeks (300+ minutes) of direct brain radiation, and 1 year of chemotherapy.
The cancer Easton had been diagnosed with was predominantly found in young children and the elderly, and was extremely rare for someone of his age. However, this did not mean the cancer was any less aggressive.
While Easton came to terms with his diagnosis, Easton's loved ones were informed that it was unlikely he would survive the treatment, and that they may only have about 30 days left with their son, brother, and boyfriend.

Although the news came as a shock, Easton had already known something was off. A week before his seizure, Easton had been admitted to hospital for 10 days after he admitted himself due to dizziness and an inability to sleep.

After 10 days and several scans, Easton was released without a diagnosis. The signs had shown themselves to Easton, but doctors were unable to pin down exactly what was going on.

Prior to all of this, Easton was your typical 27-year-old from California.

A Green Light

Easton was an avid skateboarder, artist, writer, and an employee at Kings Garden, a company that specializes in the industrial cultivation, manufacturing, processing, distribution, and transportation of cannabis.

A typical day for Easton involved tending to cannabis crops if he was working, and searching for the next spot to skate if he wasn't.

Little did Easton know, his work and hobbies would soon play a central role in how he dealt with his diagnosis.

After his first seizure, Easton's symptoms worsened, causing him to have constant headaches, insomnia and more seizures.

When he was diagnosed, Easton informed his work about his situation and the upcoming battle he would face, to which his boss and CEO of King's Garden Charley Kieley responded by asking:

"Have you considered using Rick Simpson Oil?"

While Easton knew vague details about RSO, a full spectrum, high THC cannabis oil, he had never considered it as part of his treatment.

Named after it's creator, Rick Simpson, RSO was created in the 90s after the retired engineer suffered from a severe head injury and found that existing medications weren't helping him.
Rick Simpson grew his own cannabis crops, which were a high THC, low CBD indica strain, and extracted them into a concentrate containing upwards of 80% THC.
Suddenly, Rick's symptoms had all but vanished, and Rick fell in love with his home-brew medicine, eventually giving it away for free to anyone that asked.

While Rick no longer sells or provides his signature oil, he continues to inform others of its benefits. As a result, companies have continued to carry the torch and name their own high THC cannabis oils after the medicine's inventor.

After discussing it with his boss, and doing some research of his own, Easton decided to bring up RSO with his doctor.

To his surprise, his doctor encouraged the decision and wrote Easton a prescription for cannabis oil – however, there was still one concern: the price tag.

For someone with stage 3 cancer, the recommended 120 ml bottle of RSO can cost nearly USD 3000 – And in Easton's case, he would need about a bottle a month – not to mention his already expensive chemotherapy costs.

It was beginning to look like the steep prices had pushed RSO off the table, until Easton's boss Charley Kieley offered to supply all the cannabis Easton needed, free of charge.
On top of this, one of Easton's friends happened to work at the prominent skateboarding site Thrasher, and used the platform for a GoFundMe, raising Easton close to USD 10,000 for his medical bills.

The Second Wind

Thanks to his newfound supply of cannabis, Easton began creating his own Rick Simpson Oil, using high THC cannabis, 200 proof alcohol, cheesecloth, and a rice cooker.

After making and consuming his first batch of RSO, Easton slept for 15 hours – A blessing after weeks of insomnia and migraines.
Not only that, his seizures stopped…and the benefits kept coming.
Easton surpassed 30 days of chemo, and 30 more days, and 30 more…until his brain scans showed something miraculous; his tumors were all gone.

Easton had found himself in a small minority of individuals who were in remission from this severe, inoperable form of brain cancer.

Doctors were not only shocked at the latest scans but were also amazed at how well Easton managed to get through his treatment.

When my doctors initially saw my clear brain scan they were absolutely floored.   --Easton Nash

Easton's clear brain scans after using MSO and chemotherapy.

"My main oncologist at UCLA said in his 27 years, he's never seen a grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma patient beat an inoperable tumor with such haste and remain in such good health and without seizures."
"The RSO would give me such an appetite! Even when I was sick from chemotherapy I was able to keep my weight regulated thanks to RSO. My doctor has asked me to write a book to share my story with the world."

For the next 11 months, it looked like the sun was finally coming out for Easton, until unfortunately, on August 20th, Easton's tumors returned.

Now Easton is battling again, and continues to use RSO not only to help him sleep, prevent seizures and improve his appetite, but also in the hopes that it will help to fight his tumors.

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