Healing cancer with cannabis. We are here to support you through your recovery process by providing the highest quality Rick Simpson Oil available.
RSO Cancer Free | Professional cannabis oil for brain cancer for sale

RSO Cancer Free | Professional cannabis oil for brain cancer for sale

Rick Simpson Oil, an oil made from the flowers of the cannabis plant, draws attention online from people who claim it treats cancer. There is no solid evidence for this. But some preliminary research suggests that some chemicals in marijuana have future potential as a cancer treatment.

Studies show that cancer patients have a deficiency of a hormone called melatonin in their bodies. By smoking hemp, it can boost melatonin levels therefore effective against cancer. 


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RSO is a high potency and strong cannabis extract with high levels of THC, along with other minor cannabinoids.

We provide clean, safe, lab-tested cannabis — every time, no excuses.

We ensures that all of our products are lab-tested to maintain quality and safety standards.


What’s the difference between RSO oil and CBD?

Please be careful of scams online that sell fake Rick Simpson oil for sale. Many of these sites sell hemp-based CBD oil which is not the same as RSO oil, and has little effects against diseases like cancer. CBD oil is not the same as Rick Simpson oil. On the one hand, CBD oil is extracted from hemp and only contains CBD, while Rick Simpson oil is produced from marijuana with a high content of THC, so neither the effects are the same, nor the legal situation. Simpson states that their oils contain between 2% and 6% CBD, but emphasizes that the 50% – 70% THC content must be high in order to treat cancer.

Which cannabis strain is best for making effective Rick Simpson Oil?

Cannabis Indica is the recommended cannabis strain used for producing RSO. It’s the favored option for obvious reasons, such as its high TCH levels and its calming effects.

Are there any Rick Simpson Oil side effects?

Having many benefits of RSO and apart from it relieving pain, there are a few other known side effects and health risks of using RSO as your medicinal purposes. These comprises of psychological symptoms such as:AnxietyParanoiaDepressionIllusionsIrritabilityPerplexityYou may also face some physical side effects like:Low blood pressureDizzinessBloodshot eyesSleeping problemsSlow digestionPoor memorySlower reaction timesUnsteadinessThese symptoms are not that common though and are usually short-lived and disappear in around a month as your body learns to tolerate the oil and gets familiar with it

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