Healing cancer with cannabis. We are here to support you through your recovery process by providing the highest quality Rick Simpson Oil available.
Custom cannabis oil for lupus suppliers Manufacturer | RSO Cancer Free

Custom cannabis oil for lupus suppliers Manufacturer | RSO Cancer Free

The term RSO, or “RICK SIMPSON OIL”, refers to an extremely potent(around 90% THC) decarboxylated extract produced from the cannabis plant.

RSO has Zero detrimental side effects, is essentially harmless, is all natural, and is non-addictive.

RSO, also known as PHOENIX TEARS, was developed by RICK SIMPSON to treat his skin cancer as an alternative to surgery or chemotherapy. 


Product Details

We have made comprehensive plans about what we will do at the RICK SIMPSON OIL exhibition. Since the exhibition serves as a platform to market our products and services, we will bring one of our most distinguished products to the exhibition and showcase it to our target audience. Pay attention to the charging socket and the insurance box. don't break it, Melt the wire with an electric soldering iron, Move the battery hard,Some batteries are very tightly glued,Will break the battery box. Repair Method: find out the battery with capacity, voltage, self-discharge, RICK SIMPSON OIL battery internal resistance and so on. The company of the brand lighting was established a long time ago and has accumulated more than 30 years of experience. Its headquarters is located in Guangdong, China's famous RICK SIMPSON OIL lighting capital. In so many lighting brands, it has won the trust of many customers with their beautiful and shiny appearance and reliable quality.The quality RSO Cancer Free is produced with excellent workmanship and finishing.


RSOCANCERFREE is an innovative company focused on plant (e.g. industrial hemp/cannabis) molecular breeding,natural metabolite biosynthesis and plant bioactive components application.

We ensures that all of our products are lab-tested to maintain quality and safety standards.

Many researches have demonstrated Rick Simpson Oil health benefits as a substitute or an assist for prescription drugs.


Which is the most effective method?

Above ways of using RSO are all effective and simple to use. The sublingual method which is taken as drops has the most rapid absorption rate, so the effects that you are so longingly desiring would be experienced in a much quicker manner.The capsules which are taken in an oral form take longer to take effect but the effects of it lasts longer than usually expected. The greatest method for you depends on your unique needs and medical conditions.

What’s the difference between RSO oil and CBD?

Please be careful of scams online that sell fake Rick Simpson oil for sale. Many of these sites sell hemp-based CBD oil which is not the same as RSO oil, and has little effects against diseases like cancer. CBD oil is not the same as Rick Simpson oil. On the one hand, CBD oil is extracted from hemp and only contains CBD, while Rick Simpson oil is produced from marijuana with a high content of THC, so neither the effects are the same, nor the legal situation. Simpson states that their oils contain between 2% and 6% CBD, but emphasizes that the 50% – 70% THC content must be high in order to treat cancer.

Which cannabis strain is best for making effective Rick Simpson Oil?

Cannabis Indica is the recommended cannabis strain used for producing RSO. It’s the favored option for obvious reasons, such as its high TCH levels and its calming effects.

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